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48_MetaProSIP: Automated Inference of Stable Isotope Incorporation Rates in Proteins for Functional Metaproteomics
Sachsenberg T, Herbst FA, Taubert M, Kermer R, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Seifert J, Kohlbacher O
J Proteome Res. (2014) Dec 1 (IF: 5.001)

47_Altered immune proteome of Staphylococcus aureus under iron-restricted growth conditions
Stentzel S, Vu HC, Weyrich AM, Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, Salazar MG, Steil L, Völker U, Bröker BM
Proteomics. (2014) Aug;14(16):1857-67 (IF: 3.973)

46_Growth and organohalide respiration capacity of Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain DCMB5
Pöritz M, Schiffmann CL, Hause G, Heinemann U, Seifert J, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Nijenhuis I, Lechner U
Appl Environ Microbiol (2014) Nov 7. pii: AEM.02597-14 (IF: 3.952)

45_Differences in the secretion pattern of oxidoreductases from Bjerkandera adusta induced by a phenolic olive mill extract
Reina R, Kellner H, Jehmlich N, Ullrich R, García-Romera I, Aranda E, Liers C
Fungal Genet Biol (2014) Jul 25. pii: S1087-1845(14)00132-7 (IF: 3.379)

44_Labeling of the pathogenic bacterium Staphylococcus aureus with gold or ferric oxide-core nanoparticles highlights new capabilities for investigation of host-pathogen interactions
Depke M, Surmann K, Michalik S, Hildebrandt P, Jehmlich N, Stanca SE, Fritzsche W, Völker U, Schmidt F
Cytometry Part A (2014) Feb;85(2):140-50 (IF 3.711)

43_Characterization of the microbial community in biological soil crusts dominated by Fulgensia desertorum (Tomin) Poelt and Squamarina cartilaginea (With.) P. James and in the underlying soil
Bastida F, Jehmlich N, Ondoño S, von Bergen M, García C, Moreno JL
Soil Biology & Biochemistry (2014) 76, 70e79 (IF 3.654)

42_Comparative evaluation of peptide desalting methods for proteome analysis
Jehmlich N*, Golatowski C*, Murr A, Gesell Salazar M, Dhople VM, Hammer E, Völker U
Clin Chim Acta (2014) 434, 16–20 (IF 2.535)

41_Comparison of targeted peptide quantification assays for reductive dehalogenases by selective reaction monitoring (SRM) and precursor reaction monitoring (PRM)
Schiffmann CL, Hansen R, Baumann S, Kublik A, Nielsen PH, Adrian L, von Bergen M, Jehmlich N, Seifert J
Anal Bioanal Chem (2014) Jan;406(1):283-91 (IF 3.659)

40_Reference proteome and proteogenomics of the organohalide-respiring bacterium Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain CBDB1
Schiffmann CL*, Jehmlich N*, Otto W, Hansen R, Nielsen RH, Adrian L, Seifert J, von Bergen M
J Proteomics (2014) Feb 26;98:59-64 (IF 4.878)


39_Bioinformatic progress and applications in metaproteogenomics for bridging the gap between genomic sequences and metabolic functions in microbial communities
Seifert J, Herbst FA, Halkjaer Nielsen P, Planes FJ, Jehmlich N, Ferrer M, von Bergen M
Proteomics (2013) Oct;13(18-19):2786-804 (IF 4.135)

38_Exercise training in patients with chronic heart failure promotes restoration of HDL functional properties
Adams V, Besler C, Fischer T, Riwanto M, Noack F, Höllriegel R, Oberbach A, Jehmlich N, Völker U, Winzer EB, Lenk K, Hambrecht R, Schuler G, Linke A, Landmesser U, Erbs S
Circulation Res (2013) Dec 6;113(12):1345-55 (IF 11.861)

37_The secretome of Trametes versicolor grown on tomato juice medium and purification of the secreted oxidoreductases including a versatile peroxidase
Carabajala M, Kellner H, Levin L, Jehmlich N, Hofrichter M, Ullrich R
J Biotechnol (2013) Oct 10;168(1):15-23 (IF 3.183)

36_Impaired HDL function in obese adolescents: Impact of lifestyle intervention and bariatric surgery
Matsuo Y, Oberbach A, Till H, Inge TH, Wabitsch M, Moss A, Jehmlich N, Völker U, Müller U, Siegfried W, Kanesawa N, Kurabayashi M, Schuler G, Linke A, Adams V
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2013) Dec;21(12):E687-95 (IF 3.992)

35_Identification of periodontitis associated changes in the proteome of whole human saliva by mass spectrometric analysis
Gesell Salazar*, Jehmlich N*, Murr A, Dhople VM, Holtfreter B, Hammer E, Völker U, Kocher T
J Clin Periodontol (2013) Sep;40(9):825-32 (IF 2.996)

34_Molecular fingerprint of high fat diet induced urinary bladder metabolic dysfunction in a rat model
Oberbach A*, Jehmlich N*, Schlichting N, Heinrich M, Lehmann S, Wirth H, Till H, Stolzenburg JU, Völker U, Adams V, Neuhaus J
PLOS One (2013) Jun 24;8(6):e66636 (IF 4.092)

33_Insights from quantitative metaproteomics and protein-stable isotope probing into microbial ecology
von Bergen M*, Jehmlich N*, Taubert M, Vogt C, Bastida F, Herbst FA, Schmidt F, Richnow HH, Seifert J
IMSE J (2013) Oct;7(10):1877-85 (IF 7.375)

32_Sulfur-34S stable isotope labeling of amino acids for quantification (SULAQ34) of proteomic changes in Pseudomonas fluorescens during naphthalene degradation
Herbst FA, Taubert M, Jehmlich N, Behr T, Schmidt F, von Bergen M, Seifert J
Mol Cell Proteomics (2013) Aug;12(8):2060-9 (IF 7.398)

31_In-depth proteomic analysis of the human cerumen – a potential novel diagnostically relevant biofluid
Feig MA, Hammer E, Völker U, Jehmlich N
J Proteomics (2013) May 27;83:119-29 (IF 4.878)

30_Comparative evaluation of saliva collection methods for proteome analysis
Golatowski C, Gesell Salazar M, M. Dhople V, Hammer E, Kocher T, Jehmlich N, Völker U
Clin Chim Acta (2013) Feb 4;419C:42-46 (IF 2.535)

29_Quantitative analysis of the intra- and inter-subject variability of the whole salivary proteome
Jehmlich N, Dinh H, Gesell Salazar M, Hammer E, Steil L, Dhople V, Schurmann C, Holtfreter B, Kocher T,
Völker U
J Periodontal Res (2013) Jun;48(3):392-403 (IF 1.686)

28_ Proteomic analysis of oropharyngeal carcinomas reveals novel HPV-associated biological pathways
Slebos RJ, Jehmlich N, Brown B, Yin Z, Chung CH, Yarbrough WG, Liebler DC
Int J Cancer (2013) Feb 1;132(3):568-79 (IF 5.444)


27_The wood-rot ascomycetes Xylaria polymorpha produces a novel GH 78 glycoside hydrolase that exhibits a-L-rhamnosidase and feruloyl esterase activity and releases hydroxycinnamic acids from lignocelluloses
Nghi DH, Bittner B, Kellner H, Jehmlich N, Ullrich R, Pecyna MJ, Nousiainen P, Sipilä J, Huong LM, Hofrichter M, Liers C
Appl Environ Microbiol (2012) Jul;78(14):4893-901 (IF 3.829)

26_Protein-based stable isotope probing in functional metaproteomics
Seifert J, Taubert M, Jehmlich N, Schmit F, Völker U, Vogt C, Richnow HH, von Bergen M
Mass Spectrom Rev (2012) Nov;31(6):683-97 (IF 10.461)

25_Sulfur-(36) S stable isotope labeling of amino acids for quantification (SULAQ)
Jehmlich N, Kopinke FD, Lenhard S, Vogt C, Herbst FA, Seifert J, Lissner U, Völker U, Schmidt F, von Bergen M
Proteomics (2012) Jan 12(1):37-42 (IF 4.505)


24_Identification of spore specific allergens from Penicillium chrysogenum
Goodman V, Müller A, Gröger-Arndt H, Schlosser D, Jehmlich N, Treudler R, Lehmann I, Simon JC, von Bergen M
Journal of Integrated OMICS (2011) 1(2):272-279

23_Time resolved protein-based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP) analysis allows quantification of induced proteins in substrate shift experiments
Taubert M, Jehmlich N, Vogt C, Richnow HH, Schmidt F, von Bergen M, Seifert J
Proteomics (2011) Jun;11(11):2265-74


22_Protein based stable isotope labeling
Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, Taubert M, Seifert J, von Bergen M, Richnow HH, Vogt C
Nature Protocols (2010) Dec;5(12):1957-66

21_Phylogenetic and proteomic analysis of an anaerobic toluene-degrading community
Jehmlich N, Kleinsteuber S, Vogt C, Benndorf D, Harms H, Schmidt F, von Bergen M, Seifert J
Journal of Applied Microbiology (2010) Dec;109(6):1937-45

20_Advanced tool for the characterization of microbial cultures by combining cytomics and proteomics
Jehmlich N, Hübschmann T, Gesell Salazar M, Völker U, Benndorf D, Müller S, von Bergen M, Schmidt F
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2010) Sep;88(2):575-84

19_Declining capacity of starving Deltia acidovorans MC1 to degrade phenoxypropionate herbicides correlates with oxidative modification of the initial enzyme
Leibeling S, Schmidt F, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Müller RH, Harms H
Environmental Science & Technology (2010) May 15;44(10):3793-9

18_Elucidating MTBE degradation in a mixed consortium using a multidisciplinary approach
Bastida F, Rosell M, Franchini A, Seifert J, Finsterbusch S, Jehmlich N, Jechalke S, von Bergen M, Richnow HH
FEMS Microbiology Ecology (2010) Aug;73(2):370-84

17_Calculation of partial isotope incorporation into peptides measured by mass spectrometry
Fetzer I*, Jehmlich N*, Vogt C, Richnow HH, Seifert J, Harms H, von Bergen M, Schmidt F
BMC Research Notes (2010) 3:178

16_Quantitative analysis of 13C incorporation into peptides by decimal place slope calculation
Jehmlich N, Fetzer I, Mattow J, Thiede B, Harms H, Richnow HH, Vogt C, von Bergen M, Schmidt F
Molecular and Cellular Proteomics (2010) Jun;9(6):1221-7

15_NBDT a novel fluorescent dye for uptake studies of toluene in bacteria
Sträuber H, Hübschmann T, Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, von Bergen M,
Harms H, Müller S
Cytometry Part A (2010) Feb;77(2):113-20

14_Gene clusters involved in anaerobic 2-methylnaphthalene degradation of the sulfate-reducing enrichment culture N47
Selesi D, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Schmidt F, Rattei T, Tischler P, Lueders T, Meckenstock RU
Journal of Bacteriology (2010) Jan;192(1):295-306


13_Octapeptide NMHRYPNQ of the celluar prion protein (PrPc) inhibits aggregation and its a potential key for understanding prion prion interactions
Rehders D, Claasen B, Redecke L, Buschke A, Reibe C, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Betzel C, Meyer B
Journal of Molecular Biology (2009) Sep 11;392(1):198-207

12_Comparison of methods for simultaneous identification of bacterial species and determination of metabolic activity by protein-based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP) experiments
Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, Taubert M, von Bergen, Richnow HH, Vogt C
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (2009) June; 23(12): 1871-1878

11_Decarboxylating and nondecarboxylating glutaryl-coenzyme A dehydrogenases in the aromatic metabolism of obligately anaerobic bacteria
Wischgoll S, Taubert M, Peters F, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Boll M
J Bacteriol (2009) Jul;191(13):4401-9

10_Biochemical and molecular genetic characterisation of a novel dimeric laccase with an alkaline isoelectric point produced by the aquatic ascomycete Phoma sp. UHH 5-1-03
Junghanns C, Böhm D, Pecyna M, Jehmlich N, Martin C, von Bergen M, Schauer F, Schlosser D
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2009) Oct;84(6):1095-105

9_Improving protein extraction and isolation methods for investigating the metaproteome of anaerobic benzene communities within sediments
Benndorf D, Vogt C, Jehmlich N, Schmidt Y, Thomas H, Shevchenko A, Woffendin G, Richnow HH, von Bergen M
Biodegradation (2009) Nov;20(6):737-50

8_Phenol degradation pathway in the strictly anaerobic iron reducing bacterium Geobacter metallireducens GS-15
Schleinitz KM, Schmeling S, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Harms H, Kleinsteuber S, Vogt C, Fuchs G
Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2009) Jun;75(12):3912-9

7_Snake venomics of the siamese russell viper (Daboia russelli siamensis) relation to pharmacological activities
Risch M, Georgieva D, von Bergen M, Jehmlich N, Genov N, Arni RK, Betzel C
Journal of Proteomics (2009) March 6, 72(2):256-269


6_Purification and characterization of active site components of the putative p-cresol methylhydroxylase membrane complex from Geobacter metallireducens GS-15
Johannes J, Bluschke A, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Boll M
Journal of Bacteriology (2008) Oct,190(19):6493-500

5_Incorporation of carbon and nitrogen atoms into proteins measured by protein based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP)
Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, Hartwich M, von Bergen M, Richnow HH, Vogt C
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (2008) Sep; 22(18): 2889-2897

4_Aromatizing cyclohex-1,5-diene-1-carbonyl-coenzyme A oxidase: initial characterization and its role in anaerobic aromatic metabolism
Thiele B, Rieder O, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Müller M, Boll M
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2008) Jul 25; 283(30):20713-21

3_Protein based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP) reveals active species within anoxic mixed cultures
Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, von Bergen M, Richnow HH, Vogt C
ISME Journal (2008) Nov 2(11):1122-33


2_Purification and characterization of a laccase from the aquatic fungus Myrioconium sp. UHH 1-13-18-4 and analysis of the laccase-encoding gene
Martin C, Pecyna M, Kellner H, Jehmlich N, Junghanns C, Benndorf D, von Bergen M, Schlosser D
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2007) Dec;77(3) 613-624

1_Detection, quantification and identification of fungal extracellular laccases using polyclonal antibody and mass spectrometry
Kellner H*, Jehmlich N*, Benndorf D, Hoffmann R, Rühl M, Hoegger PJ, Majcherczyk A, Kües U, von Bergen M, Buscot F
Enzyme and Microbial Technology (2007) 41:694-701

Book Chapters

2_Advanced LC-MS applications in proteomics - Personalized proteomics of human biofluids for clinical applications
Feig MA*, Jehmlich N*, Völker U, Hammer E
Future Science eBook (2014)

1_Stable Isotope Probing in Microbial Molecular Ecology
Jehmlich N, Seifert J, Taubert M, Schmidt F, von Bergen M, Richnow HH, Vogt C
American Society for Microbiology PressDecember (2010)
Book Title: Stable Isotope and Related Technologies, Editors: Colin Murrell and Andrew Whiteley, ISBN-13: 9781555815370, page 71-93


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